Support-Expert providing IT support
to home, education and businesses.


Support Expert (part of the London CLC Collective group) provides specialised IT services to schools, colleges, and academies as well as businesses and homes.

The CLC Collective works in partnership with schools, Local Authorities and other providers to maximise the benefits for children and young people from existing investment as well as future procurement.

We are a group of experienced technical experts and classroom practitioners sharing a talent for training, advising and managing. Individually we encompass a wide range of specialisms.

‘Support Expert’ extends the collective, offering technical services beyond our traditional education market in urban areas to all areas of the UK and Europe.

The collective skills and experience is too vast to list, but essentially since the network is made of trainers and techies from business, local authorities, charities, and independents across the UK there is probably nothing we can’t do or advise on!


iPad Deployment

iPad deployment is very popular at the moment.  If you are interested in having yourdevices managed and applications deployed for you we can help!  Either to help you get the best prices for iPads and teach you how to manage deployment, or simply do all the work for you – all you need to do is call and we do the work!  Ask for details.

iPad Apps?

Not sure what iPads to install in the classroom.  We have the tried & tested answers here!

We have different lists covering subjects, cross curricular, age groups, popular.
As we install systems in school we can see the popular trends of apps.

Don’t forget we have many Apple qualified engineers and experienced trainers that can easily run sessions in schools with staff or students.


Ask about the massive range of services!

Call or Email for advisory, quote or booking.