Apple Deployment iOS9 VPP & DEP

Lots is changing!

Deploying iPads and Apps can be a daunting task.  We have tried to make it easier to understand with a guide that explains some of the issues with different deployment options.

The guide highlights some of the main points (and their issues!), though its always advisable to book a consultancy visit to understand the points in detail, and to work out how you can proceed.

The guide is a draft that we hope to keep up to date, if there are points you feel should be added let us know.

DEP Guide

One of the biggest changes will be that devices will no longer need an Apple ID to receive Apps. Though there are criteria that apply for this to work.

End users may also be interested to know we have now partnered with Meraki and Lightspeed and are resellers for their MDM solutions.



We have a number of services free and paid that assist schools & business with deployment.

  1. – The Free App List creation tool for sharing apps with others, useful for trainers or schools making a list for the tech staff to procure and deploy.
  2. Speedy Meraki VPP User Enrol –
  3. Password Generator –
  4. Apple ID Generation / Verification service * Subject to Apple whitelisting of your domain.

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