Apple School Manager – Changing Passwords

* UPDATE : It looks like the day after this post was published, Apple made it a whole lot easier.  Now you can head over to and make changes to your account just like a regular user.
…or at least this applies to the school manager account – managed users created by the admin can be modified in ASM as normal.

If you have migrated to Apple School Manager (ASM), changing passwords and 2-Factor codes is not as easy as it once was since you cannot visit like regular users.

This guide will help you:

  • Log into iCloud if your ASM/Managed Apple ID is restricting you
  • Change Password
  • Change Mobile Number / 2-Factor

ASM accounts are managed, and thus some of the processes are different.  In order to change these account details you need an iPad or Mac.

Here is a recommended workflow for Mac.

  1. Create a new user account on a mac – one you are happy to delete at the end of process.
  2. Once logged in as the new user you will be prompted with setup screens.  There is no need to fill out anything at this point.
  3. Go to ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘iCloud’
  4.  Since its the first time signing in you will be asked for credentials – sign in with your ASM account
  5. There is no need to activate any services:
  6.  Select ‘Account Details’
  7.  Select ‘Security’ where you will be able to change password and phone number.
  8. And you can also log into now!

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