Apps for iPads

Apps for iPads

We frequently get asked by schools to install iPads and setup all of the security, management and app deployment.  But the next question we get asked is ‘What apps should we put on?’.

We can answer this is your initial planning meetings if you want to match apps to your curriculum…. or here are a list of apps recommended by Apple and our Staff.

If you are short on time, head straight to the Staff Picks – they contain tried and tested apps that we regularly see in schools. (Primary and Secondary Education)

Keep this link safe as we will keep this up to date.
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Top Grossing Charts

The Top Grossing Charts are automatically compiled by Apple.  The charts change regularly.


Staff Picks

Staff Picks – Its the best list of tried and tested apps, with links for individual users, and schools who make volume purchases.

Staff Picks : Cross Curricular – Seen and used by many schools


If you want to see apps on the list – let us know.

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