We have clients and partners all over the UK and some in Europe!

The history of our immediate network has been working with every London Education Authority and nearly every school in London (via the former CLC network). The extended network spans much wider to include international support and development.

In the last couple of years the London group has evolved into a cooperative where collectively we continue working with many schools across London but now also work with many businesses.

If you require a reference we will look to find our nearest client in your area, there are plenty of technical or ICT coordinating staff, or even head teachers that are happy to talk with other schools about our services.


Our recent clients over the last year include:

  • Lewisham LEA & schools
  • Luton LEA & schools
  • Merton & schools
  • Southwark LEA & schools
  • Wandsworth CLC / LEA, & schools
  • Also schools in Blackburn, Edmonton, London, Luton, Norwich, Redbridge… and even Northern Ireland & Scotland.
  • Business in Kent, Essex, Tottenham, Lewisham, Other London Based!
  • Apple Resellers

…Slowly we are covering all over the UK!

Industries that we have supported:

  • Education
  • Legal
  • Building / Construction
  • Retail
  • Administration