Free Scripts


Password Generator

Have you ever wanted to create a whole bunch of passwords quickly?  We have, when we want to mass create Apple ID's.

Though the principal can apply to anything.  You may want from one to hundreds of passwords . you can set the complexity as required.



Apple iPad & Meraki MDM Speedy Enrol Script

We have tried many different methods of enrolling users into school on iPads - and its a painful process.  Though we believe we have streamlined the fasted way to do this!  We have many more tools that compliment this but the script will also work independently for you.

To use;

  1. Import all your users into the Meraki MDM then export the users that have been invited.
  2. Import the users with this script.  Make sure you give a school code and password (you will use this later) - LINK
  3. Setup a Webclip (and deploy to iPads) and change the syntax as required .<YOURSCHOOLCODE>&SchoolPassword=<YOURPSSWORD>
  4. The link will appear on all iPads, so if you are processing through iPads 1 after the next, then sign the Apple ID then visit click the Webclip.

The script will stop displaying anything you imported after 30 days (or you could un-assign the Webclip from users)



This is useful if you want to embed tweets or searches into website, or perhaps a news reader.

There are 2 types of  query - User or Search Term


Search Term:

While this is free to use - every so many times the script runs there may be a random link to our website. It'll be rare that you see this!


Other Scripts

We also have some automation scripts for automation.

The most popular scripts we maintain are Automation tools for mass creating Apple ID's for schools.
These tools can automate the heavy labour tasks of creating and verifying accounts, we can manage the task of creating the Apple IDs for you but we would need you to populate a spreadsheet of account (we will supply the format). Also for the task of verifying the accounts we need access to the 'catch-all' where verification emails are sent.  Please contact us for a quote for this.