iPad deployment changes (& how it effects you)

Dear existing customers (using iPad managed services),

Apple has introduced a new deployment system to improve App deployment in schools and businesses with the release of iOS9, as well as improving some of the security features schools have been asking for.

We have been keeping abreast of the changes that are coming to schools and businesses.  Due to the changes we are advising schools to consult with us whether you are a new customer or you are an existing customer so we can advise on how the changes effect you.

New customers should not notice the changes, as it becomes part of our normal workflow.

For existing customers that have previously had a deployment managed by us there are changes we may need to make to your original deployment.

While the changes are not complicated, we will need to introduce an additional planning stage to make sure your accounts are correctly setup with Apple. This may take up to a week to process with yourself and Apple.

Regarding your original deployment, we would obviously want to bring this into the new management system so that you get all of the latest enhancements in the technologies involved. For this to occur we may require that you make sure any important data is externally saved so that we may re-commission devices should that be a necessary step.

Part of the process will be finding the best management system for your school, and while this may need to be explained in a conversation so that you get the best understanding we have created this guide.

Largely, the decisions can be made by ease of use and number of devices required by your school.


Naturally, you may wish to call for clarification on some of the procedures involved, or alternatively you may wish to book a planning meeting.


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