iPad Deployment guide for schools – January 2014 Update

iPad Deployment Information and Guides for iOS7 VPP Education & Business

I know so many schools that are having trouble getting their heads around Apple VPP (Volume Purchasing Programme) and the deployment of iPads in their schools.
Some schools don’t want to get their heads around it – so call us for the heavy lifting!

Therefore we have produced some guides that will help you understand the processes involved.
The information is interchangeable between schools/LA’s/Managed Services – and processes can be split into job function etc.

Hopefully the following information is useful, but also we hope that you come to us for information, consultancy, or the full managed service.

iPad Deployment Process

The Process Chart – is designed to explain planning/meetings (Blue), Verification steps that could hold up deployment (Pink), Technical work (Red), and App Deployment (Green).
The consultancy is still important even if the steps thus far are understood, because with in each core process in the example, there are lots of micro processes.
For example, creating Apple ID’s for each device takes a huge amount of time – and in all cases you need to get special treatment from Apple to create more than a few ID’s at any one time.
If you have a deployment of 75+ this step is assisted, but deployments of 16 or 32 etc, will take what seems an age! – But we can help!

Schools may decide they wish to do the whole process on their own, which is great – but we will help you get started etc.


iPad Deployment Illustration

The following illustration explains the pro & cons of deployment models in a graphical.  It also explains in a nutshell how our managed service works.
Essentially we support the schools with their own setup of VPP/hardware/training and if required we offer consultancy, full managed service, or a hybrid model of service managing aspects of the deployment that the school needs help with.  i.e. Some schools cannot get a credit card, in which case we will manage the purchase and invoice it back.  Or as it is in most cases its more the technical setup thats required.

Easy to Understand – iPad Deployment Illustration – iOS7 Compatable!

iPad Deployment Guide – iOS6

The former guide that was produced for schools and widely distributed. Still relevant – as it explains some of the terminology, hardware used, possible deployments.
The main difference is that iOS6 now allows for OTA (Over The Air) deployment of Apps. (With the right setup!)

iPad Deployment Guide – iOS6



Through consultancy we would explain the kit – infact we work with all of the Apple Resellers, and Apple themselves – so if you want quotes we might be able to get you a bargain!

In a nutshell here are the purchases you should be looking at.

  • Optional 10.9 Server – Used for speeding up deployments / app downloads
  • Management Computer – Obviously an Apple Computer due to the software, but could be the server, desktop or a Macbook Pro.
  • Spare Hard Disk drives for above – for backing up system data
  • Sync & Charge case – Used for charging, but also mass management when onsite.
  • All the iPads you need
  • Proctective cases (make sure the sync case is compatable with the size of protective case)
  • Optional Apple TV (for your projector+TV for presenting) + make sure you get HDMI to VGA+Audio adaptors if you need them.



If you need any more help – give us a call.  We have consultants all over the UK, or will travel, conference etc.
We also have Apple qualified or teacher qualified staff for all your training needs.

We also speak at the LGFL (London Grid for Learning) conferences, and/or other conferences – if you want to arrange meetings.


I will try to keep these guides up to date as the tech changes!

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