iPad Deployment guide for schools

Schools have been asking for a long time how to get the devices iPads / iOS devices setup properly.

Well here is a guide that graphically explains all the hardwork and configuration options available to schools and their policies.
It explains how the Apple VPP (Volume Licencing Programme) works for Primay, Secondary, HE/FE on shared devices or one to one programmes. Hopefully the guide aimed at non techie staff (though there is some content for techies too) who will be taking on the task of procuring and establishing iPads in the classroom will be made much clearer!


It will help you understand what hardware and services need to be purchased for different schools, it is compatable with the terms and conditions from Apple at this moment and helps you navigate the hardware requirements.

Additionaly there are certain issues that effect primary schools more so than others because of the minimum age required for having an AppleID currently set at 13. ┬áThis means that students under 13 can not be allocated apps by way of managed over the air distribution, although in an environment where many users are sharing the devices this style of distribution is most likely not required – leaning towards a model where there is a dedicated computer managing device deployment onsite.

Also there is at the time of writing a problem that an Apple ID must be associated to a credit card in order to receive VPP managed distribution apps. This means that it is unlikely any student (obviously between 13-18) would be able to recieve distributed over the air apps.
Apple are looking into this issue!  The work around again is to have an onsite computer to distribute the apps, though in the future we can expect this issue resolved and in the case of one to one deployments the managed distribution could be an excellent choice.

Basically many schools have been having issues understanding their options for equipment, deployment, and legal issues. Well I have summarised in a graphical way that should be easier to understand – designed for teachers that will be taking on the administration of purchase and setup etc.

Hopefully it will serve well as an internal document in the schools to remind you of the options in day to day activities, and I am sure this will be most useful to other schools/teaching staff/techies alike soplease pass this useful information on.

iPad Deployment Guide Rev 4

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