LGFL Conference 2015 – Presentations

If you missed the LGFL Conference 2015 – Here are the links to presentations.

Presentations (as .pdf files to protect speakers’ IP):

Curriculum Strand

Keynote: Steve Wheeler – Plymouth University – Digital Learning Futures​

Keynote: Sarah Khan ​- Inspire – Safeguarding Children from Extremism​

Keynote: David Brown HMI – Ofsted – Inspection, computing and e-safety in schools​​

Bob Usher – LGfL – Primary Resources Update​​

Bob Usher – LGfL – Secondary Resources Update

Claire Lotriet – The New Computing Curriculum​

Danny Young – j2e – The j2e Tools​

Belinda Evans – 3BM – Early Years and making the most of LGfL learning resources​​

Oli Trussell – Innovative Approaches to Teaching Maths​​

Jo Dilworth – LGfL – LGfL and SEND​​

Darryl Bedford – Reaching all Learners​

Max Wainewright – App Maker

Max Wainewright – Web Tech Tutor​

Max Wainewright – KS3 Python Tutor

Katy Potts – Islington ICT – Managing the risk of exposure to extremism and radicalisation​

Mark Bentley – LGfL – E-Safety and the new CyberPass​

Link to Ofsted ‘E-Safety Inspection Guidance’ referenced by Mark Bentley and David Brown HMI (NB – Mr Brown said the document was no longer official in so far as Ofsted no longer publish such documents, but added that it was still a very useful document to reference).​

Services’ Strand

Nick Shea – Atomwide – LGfL_Services_Overview

Leeanne O’Connor – LGfL – Bandwidth_Graphs_&_Upgrades

Paul McKinnon – Atomwide – myUSO_&_myDrive

Inna Shaykis – Atomwide – WebScreen_Configuring_&_Managing_Web_Filtering

Nick Shea – Atomwide – ParentComms/Parental_Engagement_Tools

Drew Tibble – LGfL – Video Conferencing​

Kim Talbot – Atomwide – VoIP & WiFi

Mark Bentley – LGfL – Learning Resources update for Services Strand​​ (you may also want to refer to Bob Usher’s presentations (above in the Curriculum Strand), which are Primary or Secondary-specific.

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