Meet with the experts @ the BETT SHOW

This year we are offering you the chance to hookup with some of our staff for a free consultation at the BETT Education Show.

Depending on your needs you might want to hook up with a technical expert or a curriculum advisor.

Many of you already know our background; in that we are technology/curriculum experts, once part of schools, government and Local Education Authority advisory etc, but now a collective of independent businesses, LA traded services and freelancers – who come together to support you. 

As an official Apple Consultant Network member we are able to guide you on the ins and outs of iPad deployment.  We have a proven track record of sites using our methods and solutions. We have a number of guides that we can walk you through and you can take that information back to your school and start your journey.  Should you need further support you can buy into short support sessions through to fully managed solutions.

Also available, if you are interested in Primary Computing Curriculum, Teaching / Technical / Classroom Audits – we are happy to meet and discuss what we can offer you.

Whatever your needs – (Apple Tech / Curriculum / or just a coffee) simply contact us with this form (or reply) with your requirements / and the day you intend to visit BETT, we will be in touch and arrange a time with you.

Register for BETT here: 20th – 23rd January 2016

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Official BETT Hashtags to use #bett2016 (great way to follow the buzz all week)

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