New features for your iPad deployments

If you have an MDM solution and are running iOS 9.3 on your iPads in your institution – then you probably have some great new features you may find useful.

Show/Hide Apps

This function will allow you to hide apps, essentially you will be able to whitelist/blacklist apps without having to uninstall them.

Lost Mode

With this function you will now be able to put a device into ‘Lost Mode’.  This may be really useful if a device is in the school but cannot be located.
You will also be able to lock the device with a message of your choosing.   For example you might lock the missing device with a message to return the device to the IT dept, or a phone number to call if found.

There is no way for the user to exit lost mode until the administrator turns the feature off.  If a thief managed a device reset somehow, if the systems are setup correctly the device would re-enrol into the institution MDM system then resume lost mode.  Its also possible to initiate a remote wipe to the device if there was concern about the data.

At present there is no way get the device to emit a beacon alarm as you can with ‘Find my iPad’, though we have made a feature request to Apple.

Home Screen Layout

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to control how the iPad looks.
Up until now it was only possible to deploy apps to the device, with no control in which order apps arrived on the home screens.

Now it is possible to decide what apps are displayed in the dock, and create folders and place apps in them.  Once the profile is setup all devices will have identical layouts.

This will make classroom usage a little smoother and streamlined.  For example you could place all the ‘animation’ apps into a single folder, and all the ‘programming’ apps into another.

This feature has been anticipated for a long time in schools.

School Manager & Classroom App

There are some new features that will only be available to schools.  There are some prerequisite that need to be in place such as services, import users/teachers/classes from MIS and iPad specifications – but once that is met a school/teacher will have the ability to:

  • Monitor / Screen View the students devices (all students or groups of students)
  • Lock all devices in the classroom to order attention
  • Launch Apps / Books on all devices
  • Lock students into task (lock app) or Whitelist apps
  • Hide apps


If you would like help with any of these features, as always we are available for consultancy or installation of the tech that makes all this work.

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