Over the Air App Deployment : Note for Schools

There are a couple of points to note:

Future Changes – Managed Services
Downloading Issues – Known issues
OTA Folder Limitation –
Downloading Post Initial Install –
Automatic Downloads –
Wipe or Report –

  1. (Identify) Should you need to identify the name of the iPad to us you can see this on the lock screen.
  2. (Future Changes) If we are providing a managed service for your school, during the initial setup we will accommodate you until you have everything you need to go live with. However after this period we request that any security changes, or Apps you require for deployment are queued up for a bulk installation ideally termly or longer.
  3. (Downloading Issues) (OTA) Over the Air deployment of Apps – especially where there are many iPads receiving Apps for first time or generally receiving updates may result in a few apps timing out. This is generally not a problem as when the app is required someone will later attempt to open the App and at that time the app will continue its download and install process.It would more likely be a time when there is less load on the network (i.e. not 30 iPads getting many App updates at the same time) therefore the download process and install should be fairly instant.  Another solution to complement the previous strategy is the implementation of a Mac server.  Mac Servers have the ability to cache some of the App downloads.  This doesn’t completely solve the issue but may help.Rarely the user will be asked for the App Store Apple ID – but if this does happen the username and password is left with the school.  This should not be given out to students.Image 1: Example of an App that is waiting to download and install.
    Image 2: App has timed out. Possible reasons, too many apps downloading resulting in slow internet or internet speeds in general.
    Image 3: Tapping on the App at a later date will initiate the download and install process again.
  4. (OTA Folder Limitation) With OTA installation – at this time there is no way to group apps into folders when pushed.  There is nothing to stop users grouping Apps into folders themselves. In fact there is also no way to restrict how users group apps. (We can stop installation and deletion).  This is most likely due to Apples vision of a personal device as opposed to a shared device.As a work around and best practise we recommend teachers and students when instructed make use of the iPads search facility.  Once you get used to this you will definitely find this a faster method for finding and opening Apps.To Achieve this;a.     From an area between the Apps – slide finger downwards.
    OTA4a1 OTA4a2

    b.     Type the name of the App you require – you may only need to type the first letter.
    OTA4b OTA4c

    c.     Select desired App.

  5. (Downloading Post Initial Install) At this moment in time – an Apple ID that has been assigned to the iPad receives the App (not the iPad itself).  If an Apple ID is setup on a device before the deployment the iPad should receive the App automatically, however if a user already has been allocated an App before signing into an iPad the App will not automatically arrive.
  6. There is another method that allows a user to retrieve an App that they have been assigned that users should be aware of.  Go to the App Store, and select the ‘Purchased’ tab.  Any app that has a ‘Cloud’ symbol can freely download this App since it has been allocated (either from a volume purchase or directly from the Apple ID).OTA6
  7. You may decide its better practise to delete user work on completion, rather than reset devices.
  8. (Automatic Downloads) For automatic downloads to occur the assigned Apple ID must be signed in and ‘Automatic Downloads’ & ‘Updates’ turned on.  To find this go to Settings > ‘iTunes & App Store’.You must note that a restriction to stop users changing these settings does not yet exist. – So don’t alert the students to this!
  9. (Wipe or Report) If a device is lot or stolen we may be able to locate or remotely wipe. This does depend on many factors so its not a guarantee. This process normally works well with Phones and iPads with 3G (that are locked with a pin code)– though a school iPad may not fall into this category so an attempt can be made with out guarantee.  Additionally if any devices have been enrolled into our system there may be a report that can be done for device usage, serial numbers, etc.




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