Smart Home

We now consult, supply and fit smart home products.  You have probably heard of the term 'Internet of Things' or 'IOT' this is the generation of technology where everything is interconnected and controllable from anywhere.

The smart home in its simplest form allows you to control anything such as your security, heating, lighting & home entertainment from your mobile devices or from voice activation. Though you can go much further, and automate the technology with your proximity. For example you can have your lights and heating turn on before arriving home, or turn off when nobody is home, get an alert that someone is walking to your door before the door bell is pushed, even blink lights when you get social network notifications...  really anything can be possible.  

While the home is becoming more and more smart, you may need to check that your WiFi network can support the number of devices and coverage of the signal is good.  We are partners and resellers for major brands of wireless networks, and are very well equipped to conduct WiFi survey, advice, installation to your home, school or business.

Home entertainment is also getting more interesting, with TV and music being provided over streaming services.  We can support all major platforms, and advise on the best technology setups so you get the best quality.

This technology is advancing all the time, so its worth calling us for a chat to see what is currently possible for your home.